Edgeless Systems - Helm charts


See the Getting Started Guide to set up a distributed confidential-computing app in a few simple steps. For more comprehensive documentation, start with the docs.

Add Repository (stable)

helm repo add edgeless https://helm.edgeless.systems/stable
helm repo update

Install Packages (stable)


The following table lists the configurable parameters of the marblerun-coordinator chart and their default values.

Parameter Description Default
coordinatorImage Docker image for the coordinator component ghcr.io/edgelesssys/coordinator
coordinatorReplicas Number of replicas for each control plane pod 1
coordinator.meshServerHost Hostname of the mesh-api server
coordinator.meshServerPort Port of the mesh-api server configuration 2001
coordinator.clientServerHost Hostname of the client-api server
coordinator.clientServerPort Port of the client-api server configuration 4433
coordinator.hostname DNS-Names for the coordinator certificate localhost
coordinator.sealDir Path to the directory used for sealing data. Needs to be consistent with the persisten storage setup /coordinator/data/
coordinator.simulation SGX simulation settings, set to 1 if your not running on an SGX capable cluster 0
global.coordinatorComponentLabel Control plane label. Do not edit edgeless.systems/control-plane-component
global.coordinatorImageVersion Tag for the coordinator container docker image latest version
global.coordinatorNamespaceLabel Control plane label. Do not edit edgeless.systems/control-plane-ns
global.podLabels Additional labels to add to all pods {}
global.podAnnotations Additional annotations to add to all pods {}
global.imagePullPolicy Docker image pull policy IfNotPresent
nodeSelector NodeSelector section, See the K8S documentation for more information beta.kubernetes.io/os: linux
tolerations Tolerations section, See the K8S documentation for more information {}

Add new version (maintainers)

helm package marblerun-coordinator
mv marblerun-coordinator-x.x.x.tgz stable
helm repo index stable --url https://helm.edgeless.systems/stable